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For over 50 years the Eurovision Song Contest has been providing us with some of the of the best (and worst) Europop from across the continent, last night’s event in Dusseldorf was no exception with 25 songs, ranging from the brilliant to the bizarre it truly is a spectacle to behold.

So what were the highlights of this year’s event? Well this year’s winners were Azerbaijan with their entry Running Scared , now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this was the worst entry of the night (Finland anybody?) but I’m not convinced it deserved to win. The pair were undoubtedly thrilled and reportedly Azerbaijan were desperate to win this year’s competition so I can’t help but be happy for them, also the duo live in London so that means we kind of won anyway right? RIGHT!?

Another act desperate to win were the UK’s entry, Blue whose European-wide publicity campaign even saw them grace the cover of Attitude magazine. Once upon time Blue were pretty big and were hoping their entry, I Can would help them reignite their career, so how did they do? Well, for a VERY brief period at the beginning of scoring they were in first place (was anyone else tempted to turn the TV off at this point and just pretend?) but as the scores rolled in they just weren’t getting the fabled douze points they needed. They finished however with a very respectable 100 points, certainly fairing much better than the UKs recent entries. But most importantly they seemed to have acheived their goal of winning over the British public, everyone seemed to get behind them and I’d be very suprised if that was the last we ever heard of them.

My personal favourite entry came from Hungary with Kati Wolf’s song What About my Dreams, a finalist in the Hungarian version of the X-Factor gave a stomping performance of what is in my opinion, a brilliant piece of Europop. However, she did suprisingly badly, finishing on the right hand side of the board – many had expected her to do much better, give it another chance:

Eurovision is famous for it’s outlandish costumes and joke entires, this year we weren’t dissapointed on this front with entries from Moldova (seriously, what were this wigs about?) and the much derided yet somehow still popular Jedward with their song Lipstick doing very well and even beating the UK.

So what do you think of the winner, Blue’s attempt and who was your personal favourite of the night?

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