Dress Like a Headliner | TQS Magazine

Packing for a festival is tricky – and we’re up for challenging anyone if they think it’s easier for us guys. Sure, the fairer sex might have a few more options to worry about (unless you’re one of those blokes who think it’s ‘banter’ to trudge around in the heat in a bra. We really hope you’re not), but actually, dressing well, and not looking like you’ve raided the high street in a mad panic the day before, can prove difficult. So, if you’re heading out to a festival this summer, why not take some style inspiration from those on the stage, and stand out from the crowd? Allow us to introduce our guide on how to get the head to toe headliner look from some of this year’s biggest acts.


Fresh from the Wireless stage this weekend, Jay-Z’s look was strong. Fresh from the pack white shirt and a big gold chain. Whilst you might not be able to afford quite the same level of bling, there’s nothing to stop you grabbing some designer menswear to strut across the field in. The weather’s hot, making the chance of a mud bath minimal, so take a risk and wear white. We dare you. Oh, and taking a hanger to a festival is totally fine. Creases, on the other hand, are not.


Worried you can’t rock the red carpet look? Perhaps you’re more of a casual, Calvin type. Never fear – there’s something for you too. Calvin’s summer look is laid back and Ibiza-friendly, which isn’t afraid of turning sportswear into something stylish. If you want to do the same, take a look at Cruyff – particularly their two tone track tops, which mix a faux leather with more traditional sports material. Perfect for finding your own Ellie Goulding down the front.


Woah, curve ball alert! Sure, sure, the king of all things goth might not perhaps be the best style inspiration in this heat, but bare with us. Imagine the Cave inspired look – thin layers of differently toned soft greys, whites and blacks. Opposing lengths between these layers, and even a cheeky vintage denim short. Sounding better? The best thing about goth is that it’s adaptable to whatever you want it to be, and if Nick Cave can perform on the Pyramid Stage in full get up, we’re sure you’ll survive the mosh pit too. Just be sure to pack some extra water.

Whose festival fashion are you enjoying this summer? Let us know in the comments below.