Downton Abbey Series 2 Episode 5 Review | TQS Magazine

After that battering of grief, I’m not quite sure where to begin. I suppose after last week’s rousing conclusion Mr Fellowes was clever to bring everyone down again – it is the war after all. Downton has fared almost unbelievably well throughout the first 3 years of battle so the house is well overdue a share of tragedy. But my do I feel bereft now.

Opening with an ominous shot of a battlefield it becomes apparent early on that it’s not all singing and dancing this week. With two of the loveable characters seriously injured we then have an hour to follow their tragic fates. Clearly it’s unquestionable that William live out the remainder of his days in Leeds and so the Dowager works her magic to have him returned. Even her quips are thin on the ground this week – just a brief aside about the “little people”.

I’m sad that Daisy is so unlikeable this series and it’s not even really her fault. What did you want her to do? I really didn’t want the marriage to happen but now I’m pleased she went through with it and very admirably too. RIP William!

Meanwhile, Matthew *choke* is paralysed. With Mary’s wonderfully noble character arc, her scenes were my tearjerkers this week. Beautifully held together Mary, really quite dignified. But in the days of yore women were rather more delicate and so we are forced endure the awkward moment where a crippled man has to tell his fiancée that his manhood won’t work. Ever again.

Bloody Lavinia – why is she SO NICE? Why couldn’t she have laughed at Matthew’s emasculation before running off on the last train to London? It’s not nearly satisfying enough watching Matthew let her go nobly and besides she clearly isn’t leaving without a sickeningly moral fight. GO AWAY LAVINIA!

What I want to know is, if Matthew can’t produce an heir to Downton then is his right to succession forfeit?

I really do wish the best for Bates and Anna, but their rollercoaster of “We’re safe! We’re not safe! We’re safe” is beginning to try my patience. The current Mrs Bates has been foiled once more, for now, and very easily it seems. It also seems that any and their dog now knows about Mary’s folly – there wasn’t enough time to reconcile to Bates why Anna isn’t shocked at the story because of all the anguish going on. Plus that had better not be the last we hear about Mr Pamuk – an anti-climactic end to a scandal that has lasted for more than a series.

Next week – I bloody told you so! I didn’t, because I didn’t write a blog for the first series, but my only prediction from the very first episode might be about to come true …

Matthew 4.5, World War One 0.5 (he can still talk can’t he?)

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Words by Claudia Rowe