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Oh Thomas, what have you done?  I mean, yes young Jimmy is mighty yummy, but you don’t see lustful young Ivy acting so forward do you?  Frankly, even if I was besotted with you I’d been taken aback to wake up with your face locked on mine, so how you ever expected James to react well is beyond me.  Why on earth did you believe Mrs O’Brien, who told you to your face that she’d set you up for a fall?  And you know that Bates is after your job – it’s all a bit hard to swallow from someone usually so calculated.

Still, Rob James-Collier played it superbly.  As mentioned two weeks ago, he’s very artful at being evil Thomas 80% of the time only to make your heart melt with pity for the other 20%.  Let’s hope he’s not really packing up and leaving because no one really hates Thomas and Downton would be a lot less entertaining without him.

On that note, how conveniently a role was found for Tom so that he can stay with the family but earn his keep.  Felt quite vindicated when Violet echoed to the Earl what I’d been saying at the TV for the past ten minutes.  Just one thing though Tom – AREN’T YOU A SOCIALIST?  Maybe even he doesn’t fancy life above a garage with “drunken gorilla” Kieran (who seemed like a bit of a legend to me).

Poor Lord Grantham is struggling a bit, isn’t he?  Once progressive and benevolent, he’s now bumbling, archaic and impotent (although perhaps not as impotent as Matthew).  You’d think he’d get the message that literally none of the family respects or listens to him.  But no, he continues to make idiotic and outdated decisions and be taken aback when everyone else utterly ignores him.  At least he’s got Cora back.  And Isis has realised he needs a faithful companion at this time.

Well I never, the newspaper editor’s a bit dishy, isn’t he?  And when I say dishy, I mean he’s a man under sixty with no hideous disfigurements and not a relative.  Go Edith!  In fact, did anyone else notice, apart from the infirmity, how much his mannerisms and looks resembled ancient Sir Strallen?  But hey, Edith’s out of the house, tearing up town and charming journalists. Sister’s doing it for herself.

Just when I’d started to warm to Ethel (might have forgot to mention that, but she’s finally won me over – can’t beat a good Charlotte pudding), she’s to be turned out.  Bit annoying.

Next week it’s the finale – we got a glimpse of the cricket match mentioned by Robert himself on Tuesday evening.  But, a little more vexing – just who is this Rose?  Is it wise to introduce a new character in the last episode, especially one who took up most of the preview time?  Well Mr Fellowes, I’m sure you know better than me.