Does Baby Oil Help You Tan?

Once in a while, when you’ve run out of suntan oil, you may wonder if baby oil can help you tan. Baby oil is a standard skincare product in most UK homes. It is used for various beauty purposes, such as home pedicures and makeup removal. Therefore, it’s understandable to think of it as a suntan aid.

You can use baby oil for tanning in place of commercial tanning products. It has mild ingredients compared to other tanning lotions. Baby oil’s capacity to absorb sun rays into the skin tans it deeply, giving your skin a rich complexion. The best time to use baby oil for tanning is early in the morning to avoid sunburn.

This article will detail everything you need to know about using baby oil for tanning.

What Is Baby Oil?

Baby oil is a skin oil made with ingredients such as aloe, mineral oil, and Vitamin E. It is usually applied to the skin of infants and toddlers because of its gentle properties.

People with sensitive skin use baby oil because of its hypoallergenic properties. It’s an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal product that can protect the skin against irritation. Therefore, it is used in many skincare remedies, including tanning.

Baby oil is also non-comedogenic, meaning it does not clog skin pores. It is also hydrating and softening, making it ideal for skincare and foot care. Baby oil’s skin-softening properties are a major reason it’s used as a tanning product.

Another reason baby oil is used in tanning is its purity. Unlike commercial skin tanning lotions that leave blemishes on garments, it doesn’t stain clothes when applied.

Does Baby Oil Help You Tan?

For years, tanning enthusiasts have used baby oil as a cheap alternative to suntan lotions. It is ideal for tanning because of its mild ingredients that seep deep into the skin.

The oils used in baby oil, such as mineral oil, also amplify the tanning ability of sun rays. Therefore, using it can tan your skin faster than other tanning products.

Some people prefer baby oil to commercial tanning products because it does not contain harmful ingredients. Tanning lotions contain chemical stabilisers and skin-irritating fragrances that can cause or worsen skin conditions like acne.

You should apply baby oil every two hours when tanning to prevent skin damage and improve your tan. When tanning using baby oil, only stay in the sun for a short time. 

Remember that baby oil doesn’t contain UV protection. Therefore, use it with sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage during tanning.

Also, buy baby oil with ingredients like coconut oil, lavender oil, and almond oil. These ingredients have protective qualities that prevent sunburn when tanning with baby oil.


Baby oil can help you tan, but use it with caution to prevent sun damage. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen when using baby oil because it is not a sun protection lotion.

Note that baby oil is not a tanning product, even if you can use it for tanning. Your skin can quickly burn or develop sunspots and other issues when using it. You should invest in certified sun tanning lotions instead to avoid cumulative skin damage from using oils like baby oil.