Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Grow?

You may have heard about the effect of crying on eyelashes and wondered: does crying make your eyelashes grow? Indeed, tears have several impacts on our eyes and overall health, and these benefits have medical backups. Hence, people in the UK ponder this hypothesis and wonder whether it is true, false, or simply partially accurate. 

Crying does not make your lashes grow longer or faster, and this suggestion is a myth. Indeed, crying cleanses the eyes and purges them from irritants that may affect your vision health. Also, it relaxes the eyes and the body and, as some will suggest, even makes people look more beautiful. Nevertheless, there is no scientific backup of crying impacting your eyelashes’ growth.

You need to understand this deeply before you go all teary with confidence that you’re doing your lashes a favour. Continue with this post to get more information to answer your question “Does crying make your eyelashes grow?”. 

What Does Crying Do for You?

In the regular order of things, everyone associates crying with the occurrence of a misfortune event. No one in their average minds will suddenly start shedding tears unless some event has moved them. However, it may be shocking to uncover now that crying can offer some health benefits. 

Tears are the eyes’ natural cleansers, wiping away any unwanted particles from the eyes. You must have noticed this whenever something mistakenly gets into your eyes. Also, they serve as the eyes’ lubricants, securing them from several infections.

Crying offers us relief from pains and stress, freeing us and bringing joy. You strengthen your immune system by crying because you release closed-up feelings that weaken the body. The question is, ‘does crying make your eyelashes grow?’

Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Grow?

There is no scientific backup that suggests that crying makes your eyelashes grow. Your tears don’t affect your eyelashes despite their cleansing effect and mental boost. 

Rumours suggest that your eyelashes grow longer and faster by crying, but this is not true. Remember that ninety-nine percent of your tears comprises water which is irrelevant to eyelashes growth.

The myth of crying boosting eyelashes growth arises because the hairs look more prominent when you cry. Wet lashes make the lashes hair stand out to people around you who then come up with these notions.

What Can You Do to Make Your Eyelashes Grow?

You can be more reasonable by following the proper processes to grow your eyelashes. Interestingly, it takes simple steps like applying olive oil, vitamin E oil and even castor oil. When it comes to making your lashes grow, the emphasis is on moisture.

Use a product like coconut oil to keep them moisturised. Finally, try combing them and using biotin on them as well.


You don’t need to cry a river to have good lashes that stand out easily. Now you know the answer to your question ‘does crying make your eyelashes grow?’ is that it’s only a myth. However, you can try other ways to make your lashes grow for real and have them stand out.