Doctor Who Blog Series 7 Episode 1: Asylum of the Daleks | TQS Magazine

The Doctor is back and astonishingly this is the very first time TQS has voiced their very passionate opinions alongside the show (we are on the ball, though – have a look at all the posters for series 7).  And yes, we are aware we’re a few days late to the party but happily the Virigin Tivo box has kept episode 1 fresh especially for our viewing pleasure.  We will strive to be more punctual in the future.

Well, on the plus side, at least we got the Daleks out of the way early.  Daleks and Cybermen are a bit of a chore for me – sort of like the obligatory trip to see the family which generally is more pleasant if you can keep it short and sweet.  That said, series 7’s opener played quite an intriguing extension of a foe that’s lost a lot of its bite: an asylum full of the creatures that not even the regular Dalek’s like.  To that end, it was far more entertaining than I’d anticipated, though as an opener it was never going to beat the goosebump-inducing Silence of series 6.  Still, the rest of last series couldn’t compare to that two-parter, so hopefully this year the only way is up for the Doctor.

Assistants, assistants and more assistants.  A huge fan of the Ponds, I don’t think I’ll ever find these two mediocre, but the does-Amy-really-love-Rory storyline was old at the start of the last series.  As ever, the whole thing blew over very quickly, thank goodness, though it did bother me that during Amy and Rory’s separation neither of them thought to mention River.  What bad parenting.  Meanwhile, a surprise early appearance of Jenna-Louise Coleman proved that Moffat’s still got it when it comes to twisty, time-bending storylines.  Our new assistant’s either dead or a Dalek – how’re we to work our way out of that one?

At a glance, she seems pretty spunky too.  Consensus says that Martha wasn’t that popular but one thing I really liked about her was that she could find her own way out of trouble if necessary, and Oswin’s smarts give the Doctor a run for his money (if indeed the new assistant is “Oswin” and not just someone with her face).

By far the best thing about Asylum of the Daleks (in my humble and uninformed opinion) was the ending.  After nearly a millennium fighting the Daleks, 49 years of which have been chronicled by the BBC, we’re back to square one.  Nice writing, Moffat.  Doctor?  Doctor who?  I’m not quite quick enough to pick out the story arc right from episode 1, but as a Doctor Who academician, I refer everyone back to Dan Martin’s Guardian blog, which suggests this plot point might be really rather significant…

Next week we have dinosaurs in space, which, frankly, is such a fun idea I can’t believe this adventure hasn’t already happened.  Cameo from DI Lestrade, too – there can never be enough Rupert Graves in my life.