Converse's Pro Streets | TQS Magazine

CCTV may exist to protect us but in our increasingly Orwellian state it’s taken on dark connotations in the last decade. Shoe brand Converse have decided to take on the dark underbelly of CCTV with their latest campaign – Pro Streets.

Converse have placed special CCTV cameras around certain locations in London (Finsbury, Mile End, Brixton, Camden & Ladbroke Grove) and are inviting you to show off your talents to Big Brother whether it be street dance, MC battles or graffiti.

What we like about the campaign is the idea of turning the surveillance of urban youth into a positive. So often politicians or people in the media claim that ‘kids on the street or up to no good’, 99% of the time this just isn’t true. The streets are a meeting place, a place to practice our hobbies and talents or just a place to hang out. This is exactly what Converse recognises and supports and will celebrate in the area with the most talent at the end of the campaign.

If you don’t want to submit your own talent you can still take part in the campaign on the website. Where you’re presented with two videos at the same time and you have to vote for which talent is best. It’s like being a Britain’s Got Talent judge from your computer.

Watch the video below for more information:

If you’re not from London but still want to take to part then you can visit the Converse Facebook page for details on how you can.

Sponsored by Converse but thoughts our own.