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Here at TQS we like to get to know our readers and vice-versa, we like you to know a bit about us! So what better way to introduce our newest music writer than to ask her to imagine she was on Desert Island Discs.

Only 8 tracks? You really have to think about this if you don’t want to get bored on that island!

1. The first to come to mind would be definitely Joan Baez – Farewell Angelina. In fact, if I could I would bring the whole album on that island and listen to it while looking at sunset with a cocktail. But since I’m allowed just one song then it would be Farewell Angelina (written by Dylan) as it was the first song I heard by her and it kind of stuck with me ever since.

2. Another voice I love is Tom Smith’s from Editors. After listening to “Escape the Nest” at least a thousand times I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of it so I will have to bring it with me.

3. If I am supposed to spend the rest of my days on this island, I hope it will be warm and sunny! Weezer will be perfect for that with “Island in the Sun”. I don’t know much more from Weezer, I must admit but this song puts me in a good mood every time. And by just remembering the video, I feel good straight away!

4. There’s a band I discovered this year in Live at Leeds festival and since then saw them 3 times live, Cloud Control. They’re really cool, psychedelic sometimes and quite addictive. “There’s nothing in the water we can’t fight” is my new favourite song by them but it changes all the time so I hopefully I made the right choice!

5. Probably my favourite of all: Jeff Buckley. With only one real album, he didn’t have the time to disappoint me and I’m sure he wouldn’t have anyway. Instead of choosing his famous cover of Leonard Cohen “Hallelujah”, I prefer by far his own songs like “Grace” which is amazing and grows as the song carries on. Perfection.

6. Because I don’t want to be depressed all the time I will bring “Mr Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra. I could dance on the beach all day with this song!

7. I won’t forget a bit of inspired thoughts by Mr Mike Skinner a.k.a The Streets. It was hard to keep just one song from him but I think “The Escapist” will be perfect. I can’t believe The Streets is almost no longer…

8. Hard to choose one song from Bright Eyes as well and I think that “Road to Joy” will do good. Conor Oberst is a real poet and I can’t stop finding new treasures in his writing. It’s a shame their music is not spread more. Some might not like his voice, but I just love it. It seems real and sincere.

As for the book, with no hesitation and not even a second to think about it: J.D Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye and for the luxury item, hem… a guitar? I will have time to practice!

And now your turn! What 8 songs would you pick?

Words by Elise Calamand

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