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Nana-nana-nana-nana-nana-nana-nana-nana-BATMAN! Oh, there’s little more that strikes joy into our hearts than that classic theme tune. In fact, as super heroes go, there aren’t many that top the bat in our books. We’re beyond excited for the new film, The Dark Knight Rises. Anyone else got midnight showing tickets?

With appearances from the frighteningly muscle man that is Tom Hardy’s Bane, and the latest incarnation of Catwoman (or Selena Kyle, as director Nolan would prefer us to say), it’s set to be one hell of a conclusion to one of the most successful comic-book-to-big-screen adaptations. Unlike the Spiderman or X-men trilogies, we reckon The Dark Knight Rises might break the mould and make the third, rather than the second film, the ace of the pack.

The reviews are coming in thick and fast (not to mention the Twitter gossip) as we race toward the UK release date of this Friday, the 20th but don’t worry, you won’t find any spoilers here.

As everyone is getting excited about the new film, it’s the perfect time to remind ourselves of the other bat beauties Nolan has bestowed upon us. Gaming firm Ladbrokes have released a new slot game based on the new film’s predecessor, The Dark Knight, crammed full of loads of detailed film references, and to celebrate its launch they’ve given us a host of goodies to give away to you lovely lot.

So what can you win?

First prize: £20 voucher to the cinema of your choice (you don’t have to use them to see TDKR but we thoroughly recommend it.)

Second prize: The Dark Knight on DVD or Blu-ray (we’ve three of these to give away)

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Competition closes Friday 27th July, open to UK entrants only. Winner will be notified by the Facebook/Twitter/E-mail.