Catching Fire: Three unique men’s looks inspired by the Hunger Games | TQS Magazine

Whether it’s the books or the films, almost everyone has been exposed to the Hunger Games franchise at one point or another. Having made an impressive impact on box-office figures, Catching Fire has also branded the hide of both men’s and women’s fashions.

From attractive actors to outstanding clothing, your gaze never wanders from the screen. One particularly interesting visual is the contrast between the fashions of the rugged Districts and opulent Capital.  From earthy tones and distressed denim, to high-shine fabrics and blue hair, the differences are a stroke of true costume design genius.

With that, we’ve picked our three favourite leading men and complied a little how-to, if you’re looking to recreate a Hunger Games influenced look.

Gale Hawthorne

The rebellious Gale has captured the eye of many of District 12’s young ladies, however, his strong and independent presence evokes a durable practicality when it comes to clothing. If there’s one thing Gale knows how to rock, it’s a denim shirt. To recreate his everyman’s look, invest in an expertly-crafted design, like this Superdry Loom Shirt from House of Fraser. Simply layer with a nature inspired jumper, distressed jeans and worker boots, like these industrial Red Wing shoes, for a modern twist on the dystopian-inspired style.

Caesar Flickerman

If ever there was an example of peacocking, it’s this character. Caesar’s style is loud and opulent. His purple quiff, eye-catching suits and over-whitened teeth serve as a harsh contrast between the wealthy Capital, and the improvised Districts. Whilst many of you will think a Caesar-inspired outfit is more for Halloween, we can take some of the luxurious and colourful details of these costumes and add them subtly to our own wardrobes. For example, the Brackish bow ties we featured in an earlier post are perfect for channelling a little Flickerman – especially the bright feathered designs. Or, if you have the cash to splash on a statement-making jacket, this Vivienne Westwood Purple Waistcoat Jacket is very Capital couture.

Peeta Mellark

Peeta is the reliable hero of Hunger Games and like him, many of his clothing choices echo wardrobe-essentials you can trust. He made a tight black tee look very good during the games, so invest in a quality cotton number from the likes of American Apparel. Team it with some army-esque khaki trousers and a hooded waterproof jacket similar to this Superdry Zip Through Cagoule to channel his champion style. Then, simply chuck on a pair of heavy-duty black boots and you’re ready to win the games.