7 wonderfully wacky TARDIS-inspired creations | TQS Magazine

The TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space for the uninitiated) is beloved by Doctor Who fans as his iconic and quirky mode of transport. Forever resembling a blue policeman’s phonebox (thanks to a fault with its cloaking device – the chameleon circuit) the TARDIS has inspired Whovians worldwide to put their creative mettle to the test, here are our 7 favourite results. The Doctor would be proud.

7. The TARDIS bar

To take the edge off after a hard day time travelling.


The last few episodes have been rubbish… (a snip at 90 dollars).


Geek overload.

4. TARDIS Skirt:

Perfect attire for any aspiring companion. (Available on Etsy)

3. TARDIS Ring box

Just make sure you pop the question at the right point in both your timelines. Wouldn’t want any spoilers, sweetie.

2. TARDIS Book case

Too good for a (bad) pun.

1. TARDIS Outdoor shower cubicle

Time travelling is dirty work.

Seen any other wonderful (or downright weird) TARDIS inspired creations? Let us know in the comments below.

EDIT: make that 8, one of our readers suggested this beaut of a bath robe and we feel it definitely deserves a place here:

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By Jamie McHale