100 cartoon characters drawn on Microsoft Paint | TQS Magazine

A few weeks agree we brought you 100 movie characters drawn on Microsoft paint drawn by @I_nesbot. Well now he’s back with his latest pixealated creations: 100 carton characters! And this one just might be a bit trickier, how many can you identify? (See answers below). You can see (and purchase) this and Ian’s other creations here.

From top row, (left to right)

Darkwing Duck, Sideshow Mel, Lion-O, Leonardo, Phantom (Defenders of then Earth), Reptar, Ash (Pokemon), Modo, Velma, Megatron,

He-Man, Commander Keith (Voltron), Denver the Last Dinosaur, April O’Neill, Babar, Popeye, Batfink, Spongebob Squarepants, the Tick, Captain Planet

Toxic Crusader, Leoric (Visionaries), Bert the Raccoon, Teddy Ruxpin, Estaban (Mysterious Cities of Gold), Goofy, Cyril Sneer, Butthead, Miles Mayhem, Dexter,

Tygra, Superted, Earthworm Jim, Where’s Wally, Skeletor, Marvin the Martian, Ren (Pirates of Dark Water), El Kabong, Hurricanes Brazilian team-member, Fred Flintstone

Matt Trakker, Bobby (Dungeons and Dragons), Shredder, Daria, Johnny Bravo, Orko, Bravestarr, Daffy Duck, Red (the California Raisin Show), Dogtannian,

Tex Hex, Jazz, Raphael, Hey Arnold, Kirk Van Houten, Panthro, the Pink Panther, Nigel (The Wild Thornberrys), She-Ra, Wakko (Animaniacs)

Michaelangelo, Spotty, Tom and Jerry, Monkian, Tummi Bear, Count Duckula, Bumblelion (the Wuzzles), Bananaman, Jem, Beef (Galaxy High),

Hank (Dungeons and Dragons), Scooby Doo, Mumm-ra, Squidward, Doug, Ulysses, Willy Fog, Inspector Gadget, Barry (Archer), Flint (GI Joe)

Freakazoid, Krumm (Aarrgh! Real Monsters), Bugs Bunny, Flash Gordon (Defenders of the Earth), Ren (Ren and Stimpy), Cobra Commander, Krang, Angry Beavers, Zoidberg, 30 30,

Jayce (Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors), Buck O’Hare, Yogi Bear, Dangermouse, Moomin Papa, Big Gay Al, Prince Valiant, Wolverine, Ace Goodheart (G Force) Donatello