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As a nation we love our movies.  There is nothing better than getting engrossed in a thriller, or being swept up in the emotion of a drama.  Or best of all, laughing until your sides split to a madcap comedy.  But as a movie lover, are you honestly getting to see all of the films you would like too.  There are thousands of must see movies out there, just waiting to be discovered.

Knowing this makes it all the more annoying when you can’t find anything to watch.  I’m sure everyone has had the experience of scratching their heads in sheer frustration that there is nothing on the television to fill a couple hours.  Just picture the scene.  A group of mates has turned up on your doorstep, and you have to provide the entertainment.  But what to watch?  What you need is a huge choice of films at your fingertips, so that the only drama in your life will be on the screen.
LOVEFiLM offer an unbeatable world of entertainment, which will truly revolutionise the way you watch and access movies.  At the click of a button you can stream movies direct to your TV via an internet enabled device such as a games console or PC.  It really is that easy, and with over 5,000 titles to choose from it is a must for movie lovers everywhere.  You can even watch on a Laptop or ipad for the ultimate portable movie experience.

Alternatively If you don’t mind waiting for your viewing experience, why not receive your chosen films via free first class post.  You can then watch at your leisure, and don’t worry about late fees because there aren’t any.  Just simply pop back in the post, and get ready to receive your next film in no time at all.  With so much choice the hardest decision will be deciding what to watch next.

At LOVEFiLM you will find all the latest blockbusters and award winning films, alongside genre classics and modern greats.  With so much variety you will be hard pressed not to find something you like the look of.  As well as a great choice of movies, you can also rent whole TV Series and video games.  So even if the thousands of films don’t keep you occupied, there is so much more for you to get immersed in.

Going to the cinema can be an expensive activity so why not wait a few months so you can rent at a fraction of the price.  And what is the point in buying DVDs and Blu-ray’s that you may never watch again.  With LOVEFiLM you get all the convenience, without the hefty price tag.  For a set monthly subscription you can get unlimited rentals, and as a new member you can take advantage of a fantastic 30 day free trial.

And for an unusual gift idea, just consider what a perfect gift a LoveFilm membership would make.  For once a gift that truly keeps on giving.  Every week more than 20,000 people in the UK, Germany and the Nordics sign up to LoveFilm.  Why not join them, and become a true movie lover!
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