Where is The Traitors Filmed?

Have you ever wondered where is The Traitors filmed?

The picturesque Scottish Highlands, with their dramatic landscapes and historic architecture, provide the perfect backdrop for the intrigue and mystery of ‘The Traitors’, a reality TV show that captures the imagination of viewers with its psychological gameplay.

Your curiosity might take you to the show’s grand setting, which plays a vital role in creating the atmospheric tension that is central to the show’s appeal.

The castle featured in ‘The Traitors’ isn’t just a generic backdrop; it’s Ardross Castle, a 19th-century structure located around 25 miles from Inverness, steeped in history and surrounded by stunning formal gardens and vast greenery.

Venturing to the Highlands, you’d find yourself amidst the largest local government area in the United Kingdom.

Ardross Castle is situated in this region, near the town of Alness, just north of Inverness.

The castle’s Baronial-style architecture and its surrounding grounds are not only a feast for the eyes on screen but are also a part of Scotland’s rich cultural heritage.

Such a setting is fitting for ‘The Traitors’, where the contestants’ search for deception among themselves parallels your discovery of the show’s filming location’s majestic charm.

Where is The Traitors Filmed?

If you’re a fan of the thrilling game show “The Traitors,” you might be curious about the stunning locations you’ve seen on screen.

Let’s explore the specifics.

Primary Country

Scotland is the primary country where “The Traitors” is filmed.

The beautiful, rugged landscapes provide a perfect backdrop for the intrigue and suspense that the show is known for.

Notable Cities

While not a city, the area that stands out in the filming of “The Traitors” is the Scottish Highlands.

The Highlands are a historic region of Scotland, known for their breathtaking natural beauty and cultural significance.

Landmarks Used

  • Ardross Castle: This 19th-century castle serves as the main filming location for the series.
    • It boasts a significant interior space, including the infamous roundtable room where much of the drama unfolds.
    • Ardross Castle is situated approximately 25 miles north of Inverness, a city famous for its proximity to the iconic Loch Ness.
    • The castle itself is set within expansive parkland, adding to the atmospheric setting of the show.

Secondary Filming Locations

While Ardross Castle in the Scottish Highlands is the primary filming location for “The Traitors,” there are additional sites that supplement the main venue and add depth to the show’s visual narrative.

Additional Countries

It’s worth noting that while the Scottish Highlands play host to the main events of the series, there could be other, undisclosed locations that were used to shoot certain segments or specific challenges within the show.

However, detailed information about these secondary countries hasn’t been publicly disclosed.

Supporting Cities

In addition to the rural and scenic Highlands, certain urban areas nearby may serve as secondary filming locations providing logistical support or serving as temporary settings for specific scenes.

Cities like Inverness, being the closest major city to Ardross Castle, potentially offer resources and diverse backdrops that complement the primary filming activities.


After the cameras have stopped rolling, the post-production phase is where “The Traitors” transforms from raw footage into gripping television.


During the editing process, your show’s narrative is crafted.

Editors meticulously piece together scenes to ensure a coherent storyline, deciding which contestant’s reactions and which dramatic moments will drive the show’s tension.

They also determine the pacing, which can affect how suspenseful your viewing experience will be.

Visual Effects

The visual effects (VFX) team adds elements to the footage that were not present during filming.

For example, they might enhance the castle‚Äôs imposing appearance or apply subtle effects that contribute to the show’s mysterious ambiance.

These enhancements are pivotal in crafting the final visual aesthetic that you see on screen.

Sound Design

Your show’s atmosphere is greatly impacted by sound design.

This includes the creation of the show’s soundtrack, sound effects that heighten the dramatic moments, and ambient sounds that complement the castle setting.

The sound design ensures that the audio experience supports the visual elements and engages you fully.

Key Takeaways

  • Location: The series The Traitors is set amidst the stunning backdrop of the Scottish Highlands.
  • Primary Venue: Your mystery-solving skills might be drawn to Ardross Castle, which serves as the central filming location.
  • Accessibility: This majestic location is situated about 25 miles north of Inverness.
  • Event Timing: If you’re tracing the timeline, the first series was shot in May 2022 and the second in September 2023.
  • Additional Scenes: While Ardross Castle steals the show, various other spots in the Highlands also frame the series’ dramatic events.


To give you a quick reference, here are the essentials you might be interested in:

Main LocationArdross Castle, Scottish Highlands
Nearest CityInverness
First FilmingMay 2022
Second FilmingSeptember 2023
Other LocationsSurrounding areas in the Scottish Highlands


Keep in mind that while The Traitors indulges in the opulence and mystery of a lavish estate, the real star is the Scottish Highlands with its breathtaking vistas and grandeur.

Next time you’re watching the show, you’ll know the secrets behind the scenes.