Where Is Maternal Filmed?

If you want to know where is Maternal filmed, this article is for you.

The ITV drama “Maternal” comes with a backdrop that might pique your curiosity just as much as the plot does.

Although you are invited to follow the lives of three doctors in Manchester, don’t let the setting fool you. The real magic of filming took place in the bustling city of Liverpool.

You might recognize the Edge Hill Health Centre on Edge Lane if you’re familiar with Liverpool.

This operational GP Practice switched roles for a stint, becoming the surgical theatres that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Alongside, Liverpool Innovation Park also plays a crucial part in setting the scene.

It’s interesting to observe how these everyday places have transformed to bring the compelling stories of “Maternal” to life.

Where Is Maternal Filmed?

The ITV drama Maternal brings its setting to life by filming in the bustling cityscapes of Liverpool, despite the story being set in Manchester.

Let’s explore the specific locations where the series comes to life.

Urban Settings

The heart of Maternal‘s filming location beats in Liverpool — a city rich with architectural diversity and urban charm.

Edge Hill Health Centre on Edge Lane represents a central filming site, being transformed into the show’s operational surgical theatres.

Its location of 157 Edge Lane is usually a functioning GP Practice, but it plays a pivotal role in the series.

Additionally, Liverpool Innovation Park adds to the urban backdrop, providing a contemporary venue that encapsulates

Studio Filming

When you’re watching Maternal, you might wonder where the hospital and indoor scenes are brought to life.

The answer lies in Liverpool, not Manchester, where the storyline is set.

The production team chose specific locations for their authentic feel and architectural compatibility.

These choices are crucial for building the believable atmosphere of a bustling medical environment on the show.

Liverpool Innovation Park: This area stands out with its modern and versatile spaces that effectively serve as the show’s backdrop, especially where clinical settings are required.

Edge Hill Health Centre: At 157 Edge Lane, this facility actually functions as a GP Practice in real life, but it was transformed to represent the show’s surgical theatres.

Imagine the bustling activity of the medical team being portrayed right where real doctors and nurses work day in and day out.

Liverpool showcases a blend of both historic and contemporary buildings that offer a rich canvas for production. Notably:

  • St. George’s Hall: Its abandoned courtrooms provide a unique historical setting.
  • Stanley Dock: Known for its nineteenth-century warehouses, lending a timeless appeal to certain scenes.

These locations diversify the visual aesthetic of Maternal, contributing to its grounded and realistic portrayal of medical professionals’ lives.

This magic mainly happens due to the crew’s behind-the-scenes efforts in lighting, set design, and sound engineering, all of which are integral to the studio filming process.

On-Location Challenges

When filming “Maternal” in Liverpool, the production faced a set of unique on-location challenges.

Understanding these will give you a greater appreciation for the intricacies involved in the making of the series.

Weather Considerations

Liverpool’s weather can be unpredictable and often changes rapidly.

When filming “Maternal,” the crew needed to be prepared for these conditions.

You might notice scenes with varying light conditions, showcasing the crew’s ability to adapt to:

  • Sudden rain: Waterproofing equipment and finding continuity in the lighting between shots.
  • Variable lighting: Combating the bright sun or overcast skies to maintain the visual tone of the series.

Local Permissions

Securing the necessary permissions to film at certain locations like the Edge Hill Health Centre on Edge Lane can be a meticulous process.

For “Maternal,” this meant:

  • Negotiating access: Coordinating with local authorities and the health center for shooting schedules.
  • Minimizing disruption: Ensuring that filming didn’t interfere with the operation of the working GP practice at the health center.

Post-Production Settings

In the world of television drama, post-production is a critical phase that follows the completion of principal photography.

For the ITV drama Maternal, although the on-location filming took place in Liverpool, the post-production settings would encompass a number of different environments.

Typically, post-production includes these key activities:

  • Editing: Where your raw footage is cut and assembled to tell the story.
  • Sound Design: Involving the addition of dialogue, sound effects, and music to enhance the ambiance.
  • Visual Effects (VFX): Applied when special effects are required to create scenes that can’t be captured during filming.
  • Color Correction: This step ensures that the film has a consistent visual tone.

This phase isn’t bound to one specific geographical location; professionals may work in various post-production houses or even remotely.

However, what’s crucial in post-production is the collaboration among different creative teams, whether they’re in Liverpool, Manchester, or spread across the globe.

Below is a brief overview of possible spaces where post-production could occur:

ActivityPotential Location
Video EditingEditing suite
Sound DesignRecording studio
VFXSpecialized VFX studio
Color CorrectionDigital intermediate (DI) facility

Key Takeaways

  • Filming Locations: While “Maternal” is set in Manchester, the filming took place in Liverpool.
  • Specific Sites: Two primary locations were Edge Hill Health Centre on Edge Lane and Liverpool Innovation Park.
  • Healthcare Setting: Edge Hill Health Centre, an active GP practice, was converted to represent surgical theatres for the show.
  • Air Date: “Maternal” premiered on a Monday, but the exact date wasn’t specified in the provided search results.

Liverpool provided the backdrop for this series, despite its Manchester setting.

Key locations with practical uses in healthcare were repurposed for filming.

Keep an eye out for these real-life places if you watch “Maternal.”