Where Is Dancing In Ice Filmed?

Dancing shows are captivating and you may wonder where is Dancing on Ice filmed.

Since its return to TV in 2018, the show has been filmed at RAF Bovingdon in Hertfordshire.

This location, known for its expansive space, has been repurposed to house the glitzy ice rink that becomes the stage for the competition.

As you settle in to watch the show, you’re not just enjoying the performances but also a piece of history.

RAF Bovingdon, a former airfield, has found a new lease on life as a filming location.

Not only does it host Dancing on Ice, but it has also played host to other popular TV shows and movies.

When the winter season arrives, the competition heats up as celebrities pair with professional ice skaters to compete for the trophy.

Year after year, the show captures the imaginations of viewers with its blend of talent and entertainment, all taking place in this unique and historic venue.

Where Is Dancing On Ice Filmed?

Dancing on Ice is a spectacle you’re likely familiar with, and if you’ve ever wondered where the celebrities perform their pirouettes and axel jumps, you’re about to find out.

Previous Locations

Originally, when Dancing on Ice first graced our screens in 2006, the show’s performances were filmed on the George Lucas Stage at Elstree Studios.

This location, known for its cinematic history, provided the backdrop for the show’s early years.

As the series evolved, there was a shift in location.

Following a three-year break that ended in 2018, the show found a new home.

Now, the stars skate on a specially constructed ice rink at RAF Bovingdon in Hertfordshire.

This area is not new to the limelight either, having served as a location for various TV and film productions, including scenes from the Harry Potter franchise and the movie “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”.

The current set-up ensures a seamless broadcast of the series, which continues to captivate audiences with its chilly charm.

Whether it’s the early days at Elstree or the contemporary setup at Bovingdon, the filming locations have always been an integral part of the Dancing on Ice experience.

Current Filming Studio

You might be keen to know that Dancing on Ice, the spectacular ice skating competition you love, has been set in a specially constructed rink.

This current home for the gliding performances and tricky manoeuvres is none other than RAF Bovingdon in Hertfordshire.

Before you set out to look for tickets or plan a visit, it’s interesting that RAF Bovingdon is not typically open to the public for other events—it’s a choice made specifically for the dazzle of Dancing on Ice.

They’ve created this purpose-built rink transforming what was an airfield into a winter wonderland for the show.

Here’s a snapshot of the Dancing on Ice location history:

  • 2006: The George Lucas Stage at Elstree Studios
  • Pre-2018: Also at Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire
  • Post-2018: RAF Bovingdon, Hertfordshire

Elstree Studios holds a nostalgic place as the former venue, famous for being the birthplace of many spectacular moments on ice.

But as you tune in or follow the series now, it’s the RAF Bovingdon rink that keeps the magic alive for both the performers and audiences alike.

Enjoy the show knowing you’re witnessing the excitement in a setting crafted just for this experience.

Studio Features and Audience Participation

Dancing on Ice, a well-known television show, gives you the chance to witness ice-skating action up close.

If your aim is to join the live audience, you can secure free tickets through the SRO audiences website.

The show is filmed at a purpose-built rink located at RAF Bovingdon in Hertfordshire, which has been the home base since the series was revived in 2018.

Before its hiatus, the show had been filmed at the George Lucas Stage at Elstree Studios, also in Hertfordshire.

Once you’re in the audience, you’ll experience the unique ambiance of the ice rink where celebrities and professional skaters perform.

Keep in mind you’re usually allowed a maximum of two tickets for the show:

  • Ticket Application: Available through SRO audiences website
  • Maximum Tickets: 2 per application

The studio atmosphere is electric, with the presence of judges and the chance to see hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield live in action.

Your applause and cheers contribute to the lively setting that viewers at home can also feel.

Please note, availability varies and safety protocols may lead to limits on audience participation. Check the latest guidance and show policies before booking your visit.

Access and Visiting Information

If you’re planning to join the audience and experience the magic of Dancing on Ice live, you’ll be headed to the purpose-built rink at RAF Bovingdon in Hertfordshire.

Here’s some handy information to make your visit smooth:

  • Location: RAF Bovingdon, Hertfordshire
  • Nearest Town: Approximately 2.5 miles southwest of Hemel Hempstead

Before you set out, check the ticket availability as attendance is typically by pre-booked tickets.

Once you have your tickets, make sure to plan your journey considering the following:

  • Driving: There is usually parking available on site, but it’s imperative to follow the signs and instructions provided by event staff.
  • Public Transport: Local buses and trains run to Hemel Hempstead with taxi services available to take you to RAF Bovingdon.

If you’re not local and wish to stay overnight:

  • Accommodation: Hemel Hempstead and the surrounding area offer various accommodation options to suit your budget and preferences.

Remember, studio temperatures can be cold, so wear warm clothing.

Most importantly, follow the event protocol for a safe visit:

Wrap up warmlyForget your ticket
Follow signs and staff instructionsDisregard safety guidelines
Plan your journey in advanceLitter

Key Takeaways

  • Where’s the Magic?
    • You’ll find Dancing on Ice filmed at a purpose-built rink at RAF Bovingdon in Hertfordshire.
    • This spot has been the show’s home since 2018.
  • Historical Spotlight:
    • Originally, Dancing on Ice debuted in 2006. At that time, the George Lucas Stage at Elstree Studios was the filming stage.
    • This iconic location is also where classic movies like parts of Harry Potter were filmed.
  • Presenting Duo:
    • Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, known from This Morning, are the charismatic hosts of Dancing on Ice.
    • They seamlessly guide you through the icy twirls and jumps.

Here is a quick reference:

2006 – 2017George Lucas Stage, Elstree
2018 – PresentRAF Bovingdon, Hertfordshire

Keep these snippets in mind for your next trivia night or when you’re curious about the behind-the-scenes of this chilly competition series.

You’re witnessing all the spins and lifts from a location steeped in both television and movie history!