Where Is Broadchurch Filmed?

If you have ever wondered where is Broadchurch filmed, this article is for you.

Broadchurch, the acclaimed ITV crime drama, weaves its compelling narrative amidst the backdrop of a picturesque English coastline.

Starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman, the show captures the essence of a small, tight-knit community dealing with the fallout of a tragic incident.

While the story of Broadchurch is fictional, the setting is very real and brings the dramatic cliffs and serene beaches of Dorset’s Jurassic Coast to your screen.

Filming of Broadchurch took place in several locations across the West Country, but the heart of the show lies in the coastal town of West Bay, Dorset.

The iconic golden cliffs feature prominently throughout the series, almost becoming a character in their own right.

The location serves as a stunning visual narrative element that contrasts with the dark undertones of the series.

The serene coastline, the bustling local police station, and the intimate interior sets were carefully selected to enhance the authenticity of the storytelling.

You might be curious to explore these real-world locations, from the picturesque harbor of West Bay to the charming streets of Clevedon, each providing a glimpse into the world of Broadchurch and creating a perfect backdrop for unraveling the show’s mystery.

Where Is Broadchurch Filmed?

Broadchurch captures the essence of the English coast with its dramatic scenery, which is pivotal to the show’s atmosphere.

The topographical backdrop of the series is as much a character as the people in it, making the filming locations worth exploring.

West Bay

Your journey through Broadchurch’s real-life settings begins at West Bay, Dorset, the central hub for much of the series’ action.

Here, the iconic cliffs, which are key to the storyline, tower over Harbour Cliff Beach.

It’s this striking landscape that frames many of the show’s pivotal moments.


Moving out from the natural vistas of West Bay, you will find the town of Clevedon in North Somerset.

This quaint location provided the backdrop for Broadchurch’s high street scenes and the exteriors of pivotal locations, such as the police station and various homes of the main characters.


Lastly, the isle of Portland, located off the coast of Dorset, brings its unique charm to Broadchurch.

It offers a rugged and distinct coastal scenery different from West Bay, contributing greatly to the series’s moody and atmospheric tone.

Filming Challenges And Solutions

When filming a popular TV series like Broadchurch, the production team faced various challenges.

One of them was managing the natural lighting at West Bay Beach, which was necessary to capture the perfect mood.

To tackle this, flexible shooting schedules were adopted to utilize the optimal daylight hours.

Filming in public spaces like West Bay and Charmouth meant dealing with curious onlookers.

Temporary barriers and polite signage helped minimize interruptions, allowing controlled and focused filming.

Here’s how some challenges were addressed:

  • Weather Dependence: Coastal weather can be unpredictable.
  • Crews used weather apps and local forecasts to plan ahead, sometimes shooting scenes out of sequence to work around the conditions.
  • Environmental Preservation: Filming on the Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage site, required special care.
  • Steps were taken to protect the natural habitat, including using eco-friendly materials and adhering to footpath guidelines.
  • Accessibility: Some locations were off the beaten path.
  • The solution was a meticulous logistics plan that accommodated getting equipment and personnel to remote sites without disrupting the community.

Remember, each location has its set of challenges, but with a creative and respectful approach, solutions are always within reach.

Impact On Local Communities

The filming of Broadchurch has significantly influenced the areas where the series was shot, especially in Dorset.

When a popular TV series picks a location for filming, it can shine a spotlight on the local community, as Broadchurch did with the scenic vistas of West Bay and surrounding regions.

Economic Boost

  • Local businesses often see a surge in patronage due to the increased number of visitors and fans of the show wanting to see the filming locations firsthand.
  • Accommodation spots such as hotels and B&Bs may enjoy higher occupancy rates.
  • Retail and service industries benefit from the increased foot traffic.

Community Involvement

  • Residents may have opportunities to partake as extras in the show, leading to fun stories and community pride.
  • During filming, cast members such as Olivia Colman have been known to engage in local events, contributing to a sense of involvement and excitement.

Preservation and Renewal

  • Filming can spur efforts to maintain and preserve historic sites and natural landscapes that are featured on the show.
  • Some areas may receive infrastructure improvements and beautification measures to accommodate production needs, leaving a lasting positive impact on the community.

Cultural Identity

  • The show’s success helps to solidify the cultural identity of the filming locations.
  • For example, Broadchurch features quintessential British coastal towns, which can now be associated with the intrigue and drama of the series.
  • This cultural branding can lead to sustained tourism and interest in local heritage and customs.

Your region could also experience these positive changes if a production like Broadchurch comes to town.

Enjoy the possibility of your locale being celebrated both on-screen and off.

Key Takeaways

Locations in Dorset:

  • Broadchurch is primarily filmed in Dorset, on the Jurassic Coast.
  • West Bay Beach, with its iconic cliffs, is a focal point.
  • Charmouth Beach is another significant location featured in the series.

Other Filming Sites:

  • The town scenes are captured in Clevedon, Bristol.
  • Some interior shots are done in London, specifically at Waterloo Film Studios and Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church.

Accessibility for Visitors:

  • These places are accessible to fans wishing to visit the real-life locations of Broadchurch.
  • Dorset’s filming sites are part of a World Heritage Site, adding to their allure.

By knowing these locales, you can experience a piece of the Broadchurch atmosphere on your own adventures.