What Is A Hollywood Wax?

If you are from the UK, you might have heard of a Hollywood wax and wonder: What is Hollywood wax? There are various types of waxing styles available, each with benefits and disadvantages. Many people, however, prefer the Hollywood wax method. But what is it?

A Hollywood waxing removes every inch of pubic hair, including hair in front, behind the hips, and between the legs. It involves putting hot wax on your genital area, letting it sit, and then pulling it off swiftly and firmly. Hollywood wax uses skin-safe hot wax dermatologically tested and is easy to use on that particular area.

What Is a Hollywood Wax?

A Hollywood wax, also referred to as Brazilian wax, removes unwanted hair from an intimate area, from front to back. Unlike other bikini waxes, the Hollywood wax does not leave any unwanted pubic hair behind after the procedure. 

First-timers will feel a change in sensation over 4 to 6 weeks after applying the Hollywood wax. Hollywood waxing sessions are more than just bikini wax. 

So, if you’ve had bikini waxes before, you might still need to do Hollywood waxing. If you want to bare the intimate area completely, you must alter your position several times while using Hollywood wax. You will also need to apply more wax. 

Precision is essential in the process, so not every esthetician will be able to perform it. You will pay significantly more for Hollywood wax when you visit some specialists since the procedure takes so much time and skill.

Benefits of Hollywood Wax

Most people are aware that Hollywood wax prevents hair from regrowing quickly. When you do Hollywood waxing, you remove the roots of the hair. When you shave, you cut the hair close to the skin. 

Even after shaving very close to the skin, there are still some hairs below the surface, and these will appear over the next two days, which is not the case with Hollywood waxing. 

Hollywood waxing leaves your skin silky smooth and gives long-lasting results. Besides, if you shave, you will develop a rash caused by skin irritation. 

If you suffer from a shaving rash, you can avoid it forever by using Hollywood wax. If you shave every few days, you will expose the skin to friction, causing further inflammation. When you wax, you allow your skin to calm down over a long time, preventing inflammation.


The first time you get a Hollywood wax, you probably wonder if it hurts. You can expect some discomfort at least the first time around. A person’s tolerance for pain determines how much pain they will feel. 

It is common for people to report that their first waxing is very painful and becomes less painful over time. Before waxing, many people take ibuprofen to minimize the pain. 

Using a hard wax rather than a soft wax may reduce pain when performed by properly trained technicians. However, no matter which waxing option you try, you should do it with proper care.