How Long Do LVL Lashes Last?

You’ve had those lashes done for that perfect curl and wisp effect, but how long do LVL lashes last? Many people buy different mascaras and get lash extensions because their lashes don’t curl and give that wispy effect they want. The LVL treatment promises to lift, volumize and curl stubborn lashes all in one treatment.

By definition, LVL is an acronym for length, volume, and lift. LVL lash lift is a lash-lifting treatment that gives your natural lashes the appearance of tighter curls and more volume. It can be likened to a perm but for eyelashes. The results of this treatment can last up to eight weeks with little to no touch-up.

How Long Do LVL Lashes Last?

On average, typical lash lifts last about four to six weeks. But LVL lashes last longer. They last six to eight weeks with little to no touch-up.

What Affects How Long Your LVL Lashes Last?

Proper aftercare plays a significant role in how long your LVL lashes last. You should follow all protocols to enjoy your wispy and full lashes for the longest time.


Estheticians recommend avoiding contact with water around 48 hours after your lash lift. Like other lash treatments, water needs to be avoided so that the perms and bonds can be adequately set. So, that means no swimming, no steam rooms, and no crying. You should also avoid washing your face with water to prevent interference.


You should also avoid wearing makeup, especially mascara, for up to 48 hours after your procedure. Interference from eye makeup and harsh cleansers can affect how long your LVL lashes last. Oils in makeup and skincare products affect the life of your LVL lashes over time.

UV Light

Strong sunlight or UV rays can cause the tint to fade quicker than it should. Avoid strong sunlight or UV light for the first 24 hours to protect your tint. 

How Can I Make My LVL Lashes Last Longer

1. Avoid water. Contact with water in the first 24 hours can weaken the bond and perm, making your lashes lose their wispy form sooner rather than later.

2. Don’t get other facial treatments with your LVL lash lift on the same day. These procedures involve chemicals and may react with your lash lift bond. Wait a few days until your bond is set before undergoing any facial treatments.

3. Use gentle skincare and makeup products to prevent irritating the eyes. Lay off waterproof mascara that is impossible to remove and harsh cleansers. You should also invest in water-based makeup and remover products rather than oil-based products.

4. Get good lash serums or conditioners. Chemical treatments generally have a drying effect on your lashes, so you need to help your lash follicles recuperate. These serums make your lashes softer and healthier, making them last longer.

5. Be gentle on your lashes. Avoid pulling at them or rubbing your eyes vigorously when washing your face to prevent them from moving out of shape.


LVL lash lift is such a game-changer for lashes. It gives the wispy, fluttery curled lashes that we all want without using extensions and mascara. This procedure is long-lasting and relatively affordable, and low maintenance. However, good aftercare is essential in making your LVL last long.