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Warning: This article contains spoilers

After a shaky start back in Season 5 which contained a number of weak episodes, Season 6’s new focus on ‘The Doomsday Killers’ brought us to a finale that was as thrilling as TV gets. But Showtime pulled a stunt on us that was downright cruel – the notorious cliffhanger.

For those of you playing catch-up, here is the story so far: after tracking down Travis, the man responsible for abducting Dexter’s son, Harrison, Dexter takes sweet vengeance on The Doomsday Killer in the traditional manner. Travis writhes in the plastic, and we hang on the edge of our seats for the inevitable; Dexter, the Angel of Death, teasing us with the blade. And the knife drops, sinks in deep.

And then Debra shows up. Dexter’s angsty sort-of sister (a much more complicated relationship than first realized – that will be discussed later on) stands in horror as she witnesses her sibling force a knife through the heart of the Miami Police Department’s most wanted.

Roll credits.

The big question is: what happens next? The main point of interest is how Debra will interpret the situation before her. She could look at it from the perspective of a police officer. Surely, Debra has studied enough murder scenes to know that a murder in a room covered in plastic is probably pre-empted. On the other hand, she could look at the scene with the twisted lenses of sisterhood, and convince herself that it’s some sort of accident, a one-time thing. Yeah, about the sister thing…

One major complication to the Dexter serum took place in the final days of Season 6, in what could admittedly be called a side-story, but it certainly is a game-changer. As if it couldn’t get any worse that Debra saw her brother murder a man in cold blood, she is also in love with him. It’s a brave, if somewhat questionable, decision made by the writers.

The new trailer breathes a similar vibe in that it takes place in a bed – the person beneath the sheets slowly twists and turns as the covers pull tighter around them. And as Dexter’s voice over preaches away in his usual ominous tone, Debra erupts from the bedspread, panting. Are the producers hinting at some sexual advancement in their relationship?

Aside from these main plot points, rumours that Chuck co-star Yvonne Strahovski will be appearing as a character called Hannah, who crosses paths with Dexter after pinning a string of murders on her boyfriend, and starting a new life. It sounds like a revisit to the days of Lila Tournay. Does this mean another character as important as Doakes could end up six-feet under by the time we get to the finale?

Whatever happens in Season 7, you can be sure it will be tense.

Dexter season 7 is due to air in October in the US.

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