How To Measure Ring Size UK

Measuring ring size in the UK is a skill that an increasing number of people are finding useful. Interestingly, measuring a ring size is not a complicated process, but only a few people know how to do it. There is no need to worry because we will tell you all you need to know about ring size.  

You will need to follow a few steps. First, get a non-elastic string of about 150mm. Wrap it around the base of your second last finger to determine the diameter of the ring. Mark the point at which the ring overlaps and forms a circle. Finally, measure the length of the string, and that will be your ring size.   

When it comes to rings, there is no one size fits it all- kind of thing. Everyone has a unique size, and for you to know your size, you have to measure it. Your ring size may change from time to time, and this means you might have to measure it again after some months or years. 

When to Measure Your Ring Size 

You are more likely to measure your finger when going for a custom-made ring. This will often be a few days before your ring is made. Your ring size might change from time to time. It is recommended that you leave some room just in case your finger size increases. 

The table below lists ring sizes you can expect in UK ring shops.

Ring size Circumference Ring size Circumference 

Can a Ring Be Widen or Made Tight?

Even with the correct measurement, the finished ring may still be wide or too tight. If this is the case, you can stretch it or add additional materials. You can also use a machine to make it tighter. 

It is imperative to note that adjustments depend on the material used in making the ring. For instance, gold and platinum are easy to deal with, while stainless steel presents a significant challenge.   

How Tight Should the Ring Be?

Your ring should slide over your knuckles with a bit of friction and should require some effort to remove. It should sit snugly on your finger such that you’re able to feel the metal touching every part of your skin. It should neither be too tight nor too loose. A tight ring can be uncomfortable and might refuse to come out, while a loose ring can easily get lost.  

How to Measure a Ring in Secret

A marriage proposal is a secretive event that presents a significant challenge for getting your spouse a ring. You need to be as unpredictable as possible to make a proposal that your spouse will remember forever. Here are some valuable tips and tricks. 

Try One for the Size

Try one of her current rings on your finger and mark the point the ring gets stuck with a pen. Show the mark to a ring specialist who will fully understand and make the exact size of the ring. 

Tell a Little Fib 

Lying is not a good idea but for once, just pretend you are offering a family member a ring they like. Take a walk with your spouse to a ring store, then ask her to try the rings on her finger. See how the rings fit, and be sure to make a mental note of the size that fits well. 

The Bar Soap Trick 

This trick is mainly used in key cutting to produce a single copy for various family members.  

How it works;

Secretly take your lover’s ring and press it on the bar soap, leaving a mark. 

Take the bar soap with a mark on it to a ring specialist. 

Your specialist will be able to make a ring of your choice using the exact measurements.

Tying the Knot 

Wait until your lover is entirely asleep, then tie a piece of string around her finger. Tie a knot on both ends of the strings which surrounds her finger. Try to be gentle so that she doesn’t wake up. Take the measurement to the store or a ring specialist and ask them to make you a ring.   

Use the Wedding Bands 

This is ideal if you have ordered your wedding bands, but she has no idea that you’re planning a formal proposal. Surprise her by using the measurements for the wedding bands to make her a beautiful engagement ring. 

Quick and Dirty Measuring Method 

If you don’t have all the time in the world to measure a ring, but you are willing to take the risk of the ring not fitting. Here is a faster but less accurate method of ring sizing you can adopt. You will need the assistance of someone when you decide to go this route.  

  • Cut a sturdy paper of around 15cm ‘6’ inches long and 0.5 cm ‘0.25 inches wide. 
  • Wrap the paper around your finger, and it has to be where you usually place the ring. 
  • Mark where the paper meets, and it has to be the place you are comfortable with.
  • The meeting point is likely to be the size of your ring.  
  • Measure the distance with a tape or ruler and remember to give the measurement in millimetres. 
  • With the aid of a ring chat, you can gauge the size of the ring you want. 


If you are buying a ring for someone else, the best way to approach it is to ask them their ring size. If it is a surprise you are planning, you can tell them a fib or secretly ask family or friends. For women, ring size range from 3-9 and the most purchased sizes ranges from 5 to 7. Size 6 is the most popular ring size.   

For men, the average ring size available range is between 6 and 13, but the commonly purchased sizes range from 8 to 10. Size 9 seems to be the most popular and commonly purchased. The standard ring size will always lead you in the right direction to find a suitable ring. If you don’t find your size, you will have to custom make one.