An Essential Jacket Styling Guide For You

A jacket is an evergreen addition to anyone’s wardrobe. People of all walks of life and gender orientation tend to own a couple of jackets.

A few must-have options include Bomber jackets, Leather (or Vegan Leather), Denim jackets, and more. However, apart from adding them to your collection, it is equally essential to style them. 

A jacket is a layering article that enhances an existing outfit. It may also enhance your body shape and boost your physical appeal.

While there is fashion jargon you could browse around, let’s break down the styling basics of the jacket for you.

Here’s a quick guide that will help you with the jacket styling: 

A Jacket Fitting Guide 

The first step to styling the jacket is ensuring it is the right fit for you. It is similar to how you buy a great suit.

All you need to do is follow these quick guidelines:

  • There shouldn’t be any rumpling or divots at the shoulder. It should fit well.
  • When you zip or button, the jacket shouldn’t form creases on your torso or back.
  • The ideal length for the sleeves is one inch less than the wrist, but it can cover the wrist, too. If you wear a watch, then this consideration is essential. 
  • It is vital to eliminate any creases and lining from any part of the jacket. For example, sleeves shouldn’t form lines or creases when you move your arm, and they shouldn’t form lines while you’re wearing them and standing about. Folding your arm is acceptable for creases. 
  • To check the perfect length, rest your hand on the side of your body and let it hang. The lower end of your jacket should reach the middle of the hand, not more or less. That’s the perfect length.

The length rule can be omitted when you choose a long jacket, overcoat, and other similar options. Creasing of the jacket from moving, bending, or folding is acceptable, but try to get a better fit. 

Define The Purpose of The Jacket

Jackets are highly versatile. You may use them for casual, formal, or professional attire without any issue.

However, when you choose to style a jacket, it is integral to define its purpose. For example, if a professional jacket aims to protect you from snow or storm, the style factor may play a lesser role. 

Here’s a quick guideline on different jackets and their usual roles:

  • A bomber jacket makes for a great casual and outdoor option.
  • Leather jackets are all-rounders and may work for any kind of setup.
  • Denim jackets can be used as workwear or for casual styling. 
  • Trench coats work best for formal meetings or shopping outings. 
  • Puffer jackets are suitable for outdoor work and strolls. 
  • Windbreakers or track jackets are better for sports activities. 

Adding each jacket for a specific purpose may assist you with the easy selection during the styling. You can check out professional jackets like these to add to your wardrobe. 

Remember that hoodies are a different type of article. However, there are hoodie-based jackets available in the market that you could use casually. They are almost as versatile as leather or denim jackets. 

Go With The Streamlined Style 

Modern fashion has brought many creative expressions to jackets. You can find colourful and flamboyant bombed jackets.

Many brands sign contracts with artists to offer graffiti-based, doodle-based, and other design-based designs. Then there are the classics.

For instance, Tom Cruise’s Top Gun jacket remains a dream for many men. Adding patterns and dual colours to blazers also seems intriguing. 

However, if you seek to maintain an evergreen fashion sense, you may have to eliminate these options.

Opt for non-graphic jackets and single solid colours to ensure that your jackets can conveniently match any attire.

They work best for any styling, and you can easily pick any jacket for any occasion. 

When Can You Use Creative Designs For Jackets? 

If you want to opt for colourful or vibrant jackets, you could select a biker jacket. Many designs and artistic expressions are often used with biker jackets.

Your consideration for this kind of jacket should be the material type and quality.

Even the designed or dual-coloured biker jacket is acceptable with most attires. You could wear it for formal, casual, or other occasions. 

The Fast Fashion Charades

Many jackets feature creative designs, colourful blends, or expressive appeal. However, these tend to be fast fashion unless they become iconic.

Try not to opt for these kinds of options, as they can become quite common and even outdated within a year or two. A jacket is a long-lasting investment. Make sure to invest in qualitative options.