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Summer has come and gone in the blink of an eye and while the last few months at we’ve seen plenty of opportunities to brave the sun in style (still rocking that faux leather too), we reluctantly must admit that the colder months draw near, signalling a return to university for students everywhere – including over 60,000 of you freshers. While you may have lived it up in tees and shorts since May, student life calls for a very different set of wardrobe essentials so check out our list of fashion must-haves in order to survive everything from all night parties and trendy bars to mega library sessions and woeful central heating. (Trust us, you won’t have ever been this cold, ever).

Sturdy Shoes

The first major rookie error for new students is bringing the wrong footwear. Cling to your tattered canvas shoes all you want, the first two-mile trudge back to halls in the rain will leave your feet feeling the chill. (Further bad news, universities aren’t in the habit of flashing for the cash on salt grit for pavements either.) Instead, invest in something like a pair of boots and sidestep a case of soggy shoes. Our current faves: Base London.

Classic Knitwear 

While traditionally the dreaded Christmas gift from your granny, a decent knitted jumper can make you look presentable without having to worry about clashing patterns or excessive creases. Invest in a dark coloured fisherman’s knit pullover that works equally well with worn-in sneakers for lectures and chunky boots for going out at night, saving you money to boot. Winner.

A Jolly Warm Coat

While you may have a mountain of colourful tees that express your personal style, jackets often end up with the thin end of the wedge between looks and practicality. However, trudging around everywhere in the chilly months requires wrapping up warm so you may as well look sharp while doing it. Recent coat trends have seen duffle coats and fluffy parkas become fashion forward outerwear but this year we’re looking for a cosy bomber jacket with a bold print to keep us toasty and ensure heads turn. Ideally we’d go for cheetah print but you can’t have everything as a student – something else to get used to. That and Sainsbury’s Basics.

Adam Sorice

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