#unforgettablenight with Bjorn Borg | TQS Magazine

We’ve all had nights we don’t remember – the nights our only clues to what happened are the receipts we pluck reluctantly from our skinny jeans, strewn across the bedroom floor, or the ambiguous tweets posted about at 2am, just before our iPhone battery died.  But there are those nights, so special and momentous that despite what might have been consumed, and in what quantity, they somehow stay crystal clear in the memory. And the photos of those nights – however blurry or unflattering – remain as mementos that we revisit when distractedly scrolling through Facebook, and serve as reminders, toasts, even, to the nights that birthed friendships, relationships, new found confidence, in-jokes – or just finally having the balls to chat to that guy you always see out.

That’s why we love Björn Borg’s new project, Unforgettable Night – an online exhibition which brings together top nightlife photographers from across Europe to share their stories, photo galleries of their work, video interviews and guides to major city nightlife, including Copenhagen, Paris, London, Milan, Stockholm and Amsterdam. Pretty cool stuff. There’s also the chance for you to share your unforgettable nights and get your mug on the site, just by hashtagging your Instagram shots with #unforgettablenight. Björn Borg have also teamed up with Vogue nightlife photographer Pablo Frisk and Berlin club legend Sven Marquardt , world famous for their unique nightlife imagery, who share what makes an unforgettable night on their YouTube channel.

So what are our unforgettable nights? A few stand out. The first time we went to a proper club when we were 18, dancing on a stage, surrounded by people in better clothes with better haircuts, being mesmerised by lazers and smoke machines, thinking the awful commercial house music that was being pumped out was the best thing we’ve ever heard. Or maybe our most unforgettable night was the time we got horrendously merry at a cocktail bar in Berlin, with the language barrier meaning we’d order considerably more than we could cope with, or afford. Or perhaps it’s just the times we’ve spent in Manchester – surrounded by amazing friends, decent music, and a good looking crowd to hamper over.

Here’s some photos from our unforgettable nights. Don’t forget to add yours using #unforgettablenight on Instagram. What’s your unforgettable night?