TV blog | TQS Magazine – Part 2

No matter your TV remote habits, we recommend two shows you should be watching right now.

To celebrate the Game of Thrones’ (reasonably) imminent return, we’re taking a look at some of the characters we can’t wait to see return to our screens!

Sorry, what’s that? It’s season four of Downton? What, they’re carrying on without Matthew? In 1922 and the Dowager’s still alive? How on earth is that going to work?

Oh god, it’s that time of year again when Saturday nights become media blackout nights just to avoid the flooding rants about Britain’s favourite show to hate, The X Factor. Although ratings have been dropping steadily for years now, the…

As the multi-award winning T.V. drama Breaking Bad is enjoying its fifth season run, the series’ creator looks back at its previous run, and owes its success partly due to the technology of streaming media.

We review BBC’s Top of the Lake, an expansive drama centred around the disappearance of a pregnant 12 year old in a fictional New Zealand town.

In preparation for Walt’s return to our screens, we count down some of our favourite moments from the last five seasons of Breaking Bad.

One of most prevalent shows on HBO UK, starring Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire has taken the nation by storm but what do you need to know if you’re coming to the party late? Our recap of the series so far:

In the season 7 finale episode there was a lot to consider. Captain LaGuerta is dead. Shot dead by Deb. Shot dead to cover for Dexter’s lethal addiction to murder. But will they get away with it?

Tonight is the TV BAFTAs (12th May) – and BAFTA have produced a collection of four stunning infographics lifting the lid on all the glitz, glamour and excess of the occasion! Amazing.