TQS at the Shadow Dancer Premiere | TQS Magazine

As all you dedicated readers will be keenly aware, TQS recently took the plunge and upped sticks to The Great Wen (for those of you not familiar with Georgian history that’s a diminutive for the capital, darling).  Since arriving we’ve been somewhat drawn in by the lights and more firmly secured by the liquor, but on Monday evening we took our very first steps on the red carpet.  The premiere was for Shadow Dancer, a spy thriller set in early 90s Belfast, starring Andrea Riseborough and Clive Owen.

As we arrived at the Haymarket Cineworld, the crowds were eager with rumours of “that boy from Billy Elliot” and “Harry Potter” abounding.  We knew this was a truly momentous occasion if the greatest wizard of our time was to make an appearance so we wasted not a moment in hurrying to the red carpet.  About 12 people behind the ever lovely Rosamund Pike, we even caught glimpses of the most famous rear in England and the back of Clive Owen’s exquisite head.

As we stepped into the press area the paparazzi clamoured for a snap and that was when we knew TQS had made its mark – but it turned out that Natasha Kaplinsky’s aunt’s stepdaughter had just arrived, and she’s quite a catch in the right magazines.  So instead, we made our way into the foyer to mingle with the cultural elite.  We were right on the point of discussing the US presidential race with Jon Snow when an usher announced that Clive was about to pass through and naturally only wanted his very closest chums nearby.

As we didn’t quite fit in that set, we made our way through to the screen, seated on the highly sought after front row (it’s not just for catwalks, you know).  The hubbub having died down, it was time for the talent to celebrate everyone’s skill on the film and pleas to the audience for good reviews.  It was all just a tiny bit lacklustre until they wheeled out Clive for 30 seconds for the audience to take pictures and drool.

After the film we filed out, trying to decide whether to bother with the after-party.  We like, totally had an invite and everything but like, the bar was a bit mainstream and even Clive’s presence couldn’t fix that.  We settled instead for a Fro-Yo on the way home.

Oh, the film.  It was pretty ok, a bleak picture of Ireland made slightly prettier by Clive Owen.  Worth a watch but don’t put yourself out to see it.

Shadow Dancer is out 24th August and is definitely worth a watch if political dramas from this side of the pond float your boat