Top 5 Luxury Holiday Destinations for 2014 | TQS Magazine

Ah January, the month when everyone sets resolutions to be thinner, richer, happier, better, calmer etc then realise they can’t actually change their personalities before February. January is also the busiest period for planning holidays; what better way to start the year than planning all the fun that will unfold? Well to help out here at TQS we’ve listed the Top 5 luxury holiday destinations for 2014.

1. Ibiza

Normally known for clubbing, Ibiza can occasionally get sold short when it comes to the luxury market. However, it has some of the best offerings of luxury villas in the world.

There’s also much more to the island beyond the buzz of the summer party season, it’s steeped with history, culture and has some of the best restaurants and scenery in the world.

2. Vietnam

Until recently, Vietnam was not at the forefront of minds when thinking of luxury holiday destinations, however due to economic growth, diversity, excellent climate and some of the most stunning beaches and scenery in the world, Vietnam is fast securing itself as one of the most luxury holiday destinations globally.

3. India

India is one of the most diverse holiday destinations, offering everything from high end luxury to ancient culture alongside some of the most deprived areas in the world. India is an ideal luxury holiday choice, particularly in the South of the country in areas such as Goa and Kerala, due to strength of the pound against the rupee. Shop wisely and you can get some excellent deals for your money!

4. London

Ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the world, if there is one thing that this city can do well, it’s luxury. Some of the worlds most prestigious hotels are here  and the city is dotted with high end, Michelin starred restaurants from some of the best chefs in the world. Stick to the West End of the city, in Chelsea and Kensington to really mingle with the upper echelons of society!

5. Dubai

This is a place built purely with luxury in mind. The worlds highest starred hotel is here and due to a booom of recent development and tourist interest, Dubai looks and is a city straight from a magazine. Sparkling clean, expansive and interesting – if it’s luxury you are looking for, Dubai should be absolutely top of your list!