Top 5 gay friendly advertising campaigns | TQS Magazine

It’s very important to acknowledge companies that are LGBT inclusive, even if you think they’re just trying to capitalize on the pink pound, it still promotes equality. You may remember a few weeks ago Stonewall released a list of top LGBT employers, well now they’ve held a vote on the most LGBT inclusive advertisers. Here are the top 5:

5. Pepsi
The soft-drinks giant Pepsi came in 5th largely for their 2008 ad campaign staring Kelly Brook, in which a guy is being encouraged by a couple of friends to go and chat up a (we assume) a girl, but it turns out, despite Kelly Brook’s best efforts, he’s going to chat up a man. If you can’t remember it, here it is:

4. Lloyds TSB
The banking company became the first of its peers to introduce a same-sex couple into one their mainstream ad campaigns. I find this ad particularly charming:

Our Swedish friends have been including gay couples in their print and TV advertising since the early 90s. Their most famous LGBT ad campaign is called ‘Living Room’ (below) , featuring the tagline: “Why shouldn’t sofas come in flavours, like families?”

2. Absolut
The high-end Vodka brand has long engaged with gay community, including a rainbow branded bottle to mark the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. They claim: “Because in an ABSOLUT world, there are no labels.” . Who knew I could grow to like Absolut more than I already did?

And the winner is……

1. The Co-operative
The Co-op sponsored Manchester Pride 2010, actively engaging with the community, offering a holiday to Sydney Mardi Gras and surveying Pride-goerson their services to ensure they were as LGBT as possible. You can listen to the ad they used to promote this event over at the Stonewall website.

Can you think of any other great LGBT friendly campaigns? Let me know about them below!