This week’s top film trailers | TQS Magazine

In a new weekly feature, Aaron Huckett will be taking us through the hottest film trailers, here’s this week’s round-up:


Release date –  06.06.12

Is this a classic case of TV-good-girl tries out the big screen to show that she really can act by starring in a gritty drama? Memories of Elizabeth Berkley and Showgirls come to mind (shudder). Starring Gossip Girl’s very own Blake Lively and a fairly decent cast (Aaron Johnson, Taylor Kitsch and John Travolta), Savages is a crime-thriller based around the kidnap of Lively by a Mexican drug cartel with Johnson and Kitsch (her boyfriends – yep, she a ho) in a race against time to rescue her. Personally, I am yet to be won over, but I never judge a film before the screening!


Release date – 16.04.12

Delicacy is what can only be described as the French answer to a romantic comedy. Audrey Tautou plays a beautiful Parisian business executive who finds herself suddenly widowed after a three-year marriage to her soul mate. Enter Francois Damiens, the ‘average’ guy, who is the complete opposite of the recently deceased soul mate. This is bound to be a loveable, lighthearted and life affirming story of how love is not based around ‘the one’ and is sure to cheer up any grey Sunday – no doubt there will be a few of those coming up if the British weather lives up to reputation!

Wild Bill

Release date – 30.04.12

Give me a bit of grimy British drama and mix in some well timed humour and I am there! Wild Bill (poster above)  is based on the title character who is on parole after spending eight years in prison, who comes home to find that both of his sons have been left to fend for themselves after being abandoned by their mother. Starring an all British cast, including Charlie Creed-Miles and Will Poulter, this film is definitely one to add to the list of April must-sees.