There’s a pug on our desk. | TQS Magazine

If we had to say what our number one life goal was right now, we’d probably say ‘To own a pug to sit on our desk at work.’ Little did we know, that dream was about to come a reality. Well, almost. The guys at Instantprint have been working on a bunch of anamorphic illusions, and as part of that project they sent us our very own pop up pug. How does it work? Take a look at our Vine and Instagrams below to see them in action:

Amazing. Irl the look incredibly stretched and don’t really make much sense. When it first arrived, our first thought was: ‘Why is there a foot long elongated pug on our desk?’. Looking through our camera and phone lens, we soon discovered the little man squished down into a 3D ball of fluff. It’s so realistic we genuinely tried to stroke it.

The anamorphic illusions project on the Instantprint site houses a number of different artists, illustrators and graphic designers working with this sort of eye trickery – we’ve included some of our favourites, but you should check out the site for more inspiration too. With cool designs like these, it makes you wonder why anything like chucky ol’ QR codes too off. Imagine giving a prospective new client or even a potential new employer an anamorphic design instead of a boring business card. Brb, off to print giant pugs onto the back of our CV…