The UK’s top travel sized toiletries revealed | TQS Magazine

Every stage of preparing for a holiday is exciting – from choosing where to go, to deciding what to take. These days, strict UK regulations mean that passengers have to make sure the toiletries in their hand luggage are the right size, before they get on the plane. So it’s important to plan carefully.

Airport security is also tighter than ever before, so it’s essential to have the right sized toiletries with you, in order to get through the security checks easily and not cause yourself, or anyone else, a delay. Tomas Dano, Social Media Manager at Cheapflights and frequent flier, says “Finding the right toiletries can be really difficult for men, especially when airports vary in what you can and can’t bring. Packing right can mean the difference between having a seamless holiday and getting caught up in Security at the airport.”

Below is a list of the UK’s top 10 travel-sized toiletries:

  1. Korres Party Survival Kit

From moisturiser to shower gel, this little pack has everything you need. With products for hair, body and skincare all in mini bottles, it is the perfect set to take on your travels.

This provides a mini pre-wash, conditioner and shampoo, all in 100ml bottles to ensure your hair stays looking its best, and helps combat the drying out effects of the sea and the sun.

This is definitely one of the most popular products for men, (with the Lynx adverts possibly having something to do with that). However, on a long, crowded flight, it’s not hard to see why so many people want to take a tiny deodorant to freshen up!

  1. Heathcote and Ivory Men’s Weekend Travel Essentials

This is another handy package, generally aimed at men, and is favoured by many because it contains soap, body and hair wash, aftershave and shaving gel – while the transparent container is ideal for airport travel.

  1. Molton Brown Unisex Carry-on Travel Essential

This complete collection of body, face and hand washing items has become popular with couples who don’t want to have to carry separate items.

  1. Johnson’s Top-to-Toe Bath

This one has proven particularly popular for people travelling with young children, as it is a mini-sized body wash specifically designed for them.

Travelling can leave your mouth, and breath, pretty unpleasant – so it’s not hard to see why this item is among the top choices.

  1. Ragdale Hall Mini Travel Gift Set

This one allows you to recreate the Ragdale spa experience during your trip, with body lotion, shower gel, body mist and bath crystals, all in a handy travel-sized container.

  1. Trilogy Rosehip Collection

This little box contains all kinds of cleansing and moisturising products – providing a little luxury during a trip abroad.

  1. Liz Earle Young Skin Try-Me-Out

There is nothing worse for teenagers on holiday than spots, so this set of face-cleansing products is ideal. The compact products provide everything to combat spots, while away.

Always be aware of the size restrictions when it comes to travel toiletries. It’s always best to check with your travel provider before you go about what you can and cannot bring with you. But, be sure to give some of these items a try.