The Cribs at JD Roots, Theatre Royal, Wakefield | TQS Magazine

As part of the Jack Daniels Campaign JD Roots, The Cribs returned to their hometown of Wakefield last night to perform a career spanning set at the Theatre Royal in Wakefield. Unfortunately, I missed the first support The Black Belles however caught the majority of the second, Retarded Fish.

On entering, the venue seemed completely wrong for the event. Being a theatre set-up, everybody was sat down somewhat calmly, with only occasional foot tapping to the (very heavy) band blasting out from what felt like a rather loud, rather intrusive TV.

It was a little more this


Than this


Still, Retarded Fish were good (better than their name, at least) and soon the free JD and local excitment started to swell within the room and when The Cribs came on stage everybody was on their feet.

The Cribs were very good. Too good, actually.

Their performance was polished and confident and was not far removed from listening to the album. I think this resulted in a surprising lack of electricity from an incredibly successful band playing in their home town in a reasonably intimate venue.

I had been expecting an atmosphere so charged I would walk out magnetic, but it all seemed a bit more subdued. The Cribs gave little in terms of audience interaction and their set, although executed brilliantly, was a little predictable. Enjoyable, yes. Mind blowing, no.

All in all however, a great gig and an admirable marketing campaign from JD.

By Kirsty Hulse. Follow her on Twitter here.