The Bright Young Things | TQS Magazine

There’s something comforting about wearing all black. Perhaps it’s the oversized coat and the snood, or maybe it’s that I feel that I’m wrapped up in my adolescent years again, but an all black outfit is always a winner. Stumbling upon this overgrown church garden, right in the heart of London, also had a strange comfort about it. But a few feet away from a busy junction, with a metaphorical skylight amongst a sea of skyscrapers, the courtyard had an eerie calm – a calm that only these sort of places can emit.

I remember taking photos very similar to these as a teenager – head to toe in black, with a much bigger fringe, fresher skin and an even moodier stare. I was also draped across a headstone and wearing a Marilyn Manson t shirt. What I’d give to be that cool again. Back in those days, New Look didn’t even do menswear, so here I consider myself bringing together the old and the new: high tops by New Look, well worn Goth look, model’s own.

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