Sponsored Video: James Charm on Masculine Sartorial Success | TQS Magazine

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A few weeks ago, James Charm turned my life around when he taught me how to how to score in an elevator.  No longer do I need to waste hours at dinner while a pretty little thing whines on about her feelings and Mulberry handbags; I can get from greeting to invitation home in 45 seconds, leaving me valuable time for those all important extra spin classes.

For those of you who haven’t quite refined your technique as impeccably as me (and, yes, “im-pecc-ably” is a double-entendre referencing my sensational build), James Charm is back to bring you more much-needed advice.  It What Not To Wear with more testosterone and less PMS.  This time it’s how to stay sartorially suave without ever looking awkwardly attired.  Once more James is on top of his game, firing off quick spurts of insight in all directions.

Appearing in an immaculately tailored suit with a crisp white shirt, there is absolutely no question that James knows exactly what he’s talking about.  With pointers on accessorising and tips for different body shapes, James talks us through what’s H. O. T. and what’s not, in his usual alluring style.  James really knows what works and how to make us take notice.  He charms the ladies and wows the gents.  Just wows them, though.  I’m definitely not charmed.  And definitely not going to email him my digits. Ahem.

So, if you want ladies clinging onto your biceps, first follow James’s advice and buy a better shirt.