Sponsored Video: How to be a master of seduction*

This post has been sponsored by Joop! Homme

Stuck working in an office block 9-5, with only the gym for solace (lunch and evening, four times a week)?  Sick of surviving on protein shakes, even if you can’t achieve that super buff body any other way?  Want to swap them once in a while for a delectable pink fizz accompanied by a fine specimen of the quainter sex?  Well there’s no need to tear out those plugs – Joop! Homme is here to save the day.

Thankfully, in this modern age where Sex and the City has taught women how to play hard to get, Joop! Homme has released a series of seduction tips to help great guys like us find dates to match our status.  With the help of legendary stud-muffin, James Charm, they’re here to teach us how to source talent alongside our intense workout schedules.  No matter where you are, be it supermarket, night club or office, James Charm knows how to woo the ladies and is finally sharing is tried-and-tested methods.

What’s that?  A woman might stop you from getting the fine balance of proteins and carbs it takes to maintain those guns?  Well check out James’ tutorial on bagging a blonde in an elevator, try it out for yourself, and rest assured: you CAN have a different filly every night without harming your abs.  Real men wear pink, so be confident in your masculinity and treat yourself to that Strawberry Martini.

*as long as you’re an investment banker and she’s a model without much of a brain