Spend Less, Do More | TQS Magazine

We’ve all been there at one point or other. All your friends are going to a great night on Saturday and planning dinner beforehand – but you don’t have anything to wear, and more importantly don’t have enough cash for the night.

Here at TQS we aspire to be pretty fabulous, so scrimping and penny pinching isn’t really our thing. When it comes right down to it, though, socialising costs money and our wage to partying ratio is really treading a fine line.

So what to do? Saving without scrimping means that you’ve got cash spare so that you can go out tonight and tomorrow, rather than having to choose one of the two.

One of our favourite new finds is Voucherbox. At Voucherbox you can find discounts on virtually anything. Right now, for example, there are vouchers for brands such as H&M, Zizzi and Easyjet. That means that if you’re struggling to join your mates on that night out, you’ve got savings on your party outfit and savings on dinner. Hell, you could even take an impromptu trip to Paris afterwards.

The great thing about Voucherbox is the range of brands you can access. You’re basically sorted for eating out and takeaways, but there are a huge number of fashion retailers, travel brands, tech and multimedia on offer too.  With a weekly email summarising the latest deals available, you can save without scrimping.