Seeking a Friend for the End of the World: Film Review | TQS Magazine

In her directorial debut Lorene Scafaria deals with the meaning of life.

This Armageddon style rom-com may take a serious tone, rather than a comedic view on the situation, but it is sure to entertain and bring a tear to your eyes.

Steve Carell stars as Dodge, in a role that is by far not his funniest. Dodge is newly separated from his wife and is lonely, depressed and to make matters worse he and the rest of the world find out that the asteroid Matilda is going to collide with Earth in a matter of weeks and end all life on Earth. The film follows Dodge on his desperate attempt to find meaning in his life before it ends. He finds a letter from an old flame, Olivia, the one that got away, and sets off with his neighbour Penny (Keira Knightley) to find her. Penny is a free spirit who has just broken up with her boyfriend, as she seems to always fall for the wrong guys, and is in a desperate struggle to find a way back to her family. However, their journey seems to take them on a different path.

The humour from Seeking a Friend is mostly drawn from the absurd reactions that people seem to have in this dire situation, as some people are still mowing their lawns as if nothing is happening, whilst others are taking drugs, sleeping around and fulfilling their bucket lists. Some people are determined to enjoy their last few weeks, whilst others commit suicide or start riots and some still take their jobs far too seriously. The film plays with the array of emotions that one might expect to encounter in the end of the world scenario, which makes the film very touching to watch.

This film emphasises how our humancentric view on the world distracts us from our core vulnerability and fragility, which is too terrifying to face as the human race can be so quickly eradicated from the face of the universe. Alongside this, the film plays with the worth of humankind as when things become so dire we turn on each other. Thus, the film portrays that the meaning in life lies in love and finding a soul mate.

Seeking a Friend contains some great moments of humour from Carell and some intensely moving scenes from Keira Knightley, despite her not-so-convincing free spirited acting. The film becomes sentimental enough to bring tears to your eyes as the dramatic countdown begins.

Although the film does not deliver the level of comedy expected when Steve Carell is cast as the main protagonist and, therefore, may disappoint a few as it takes a more serious tone, Seeking a Friend is a sensitive heart-warming Armageddon rom-com that is sure to leave you feeling teary.

Written by Shirley Welton who also blogs at Beyond the Edges of the Frame