Russel T Davies | TQS Magazine

Russel T Davies is Welsh screenwriter and television producer whose programs include; Queer as Folk, Bob & Rose, Casanova and Doctor Who. He is an Oxford graduate and has been frequently featured on The Independent on Sunday’s Pink List, which chronicles the influence of LGBT personalities. One of the UK’s most LGBT friendly writers and producers, Davies was awarded the OBE in 2008.

Queer as Folk UK will be getting a dedicated post soon enough but I can’t not mention it here as well. QAF is a 1999 British television series which was aired on Channel 4 and chronicles the lives of 3 gay men living in and around Manchester’s gay village. Stuart, Vince and Nathan are 3 very different personalities whose lives become increasingly intertwined and complicated. The series is widely regarded as the first LGBT TV series to accurately and realistically portray gay life. The series can be watched for free on Channel 4’s player, here.

Doctor Who enjoyed a massive resurgence in popularity after Russel T Davies took the helm after a sixteen year hiatus. The series also featured its first ever non-heterosexual character, Captain Jack Harkness, Davies has now been succeeded by Steven Moffat but Davies is widely regarded as the one responsible for bringing Doctor Who so successfully back to our screens.