Reel Heroes vs. Screen Outlaws: The Venn Diagram | TQS Magazine

You know those really cool, really cheap DVDs with comic book style art work? You know, the ones in the image above. Well a new range has been launced by Universal Pictures which reimagines the cover art of iconic gangster films such as American Gangster, Public Enemies and Scarface. The artwork pays homage to street style and hip hop graffiti from the UK and the USA and each pack includes an exclusive artcard:

To celebrate the release of Reel Heroes and Screen Outlaws Universal Pictures have produced a rather attractive venn diagram which pits the characters of each collection against eachother by asking, who fought what? Click the graphic for full size.

Can you think of anything they’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below.

You can pick up titles from the Screen Outlaws and Reel heroes range from £5 at

By Jamie McHale