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pop2011-625x210-4189824 2011 was a great year for pop music (Cher Lloyd’s war crime exluced) and it’s that time of year again when every blog and his dog compile their top 10 lists so we here at TQS put two and two together (clever bunch, aren’t we?) and compiled our top 10 pop music hits of 2011: 10. Nero – Promises From the debut album of English electronic duo Nero, Promises comes in at number 10 despite the video’s annoying narrative introduction. 9. Example – Changed The Way You Kiss Me 2011 has been a great year for Example, releasing 3 singles… Following the sad news yesterday that REM have announced their split, we thought we would try in some way to put their impact on popular music & culture into perspective by comparing the length of their active career to that of some of the world’s biggest musical influencers….