News & Comment | TQS Magazine – Part 6

Ah, Alan Rickman. Just when we thought we couldn’t love you anymore this beaut comes along:

It’s nicer than it sounds we promise. We’ve even written a little ditty to prove it.

Is Pinterest to blame for designers being ripped off and how can they protect their designs? is a car insurance company that has decided to research the phenomenon on road rage and what makes people so ugly?

While it may be raining here in the UK, it’s time for James Bond-style trunks and some chest waxing as we fly off to Mauritus for some flirting tips with Joop’s James Charm.

The following 5 underwear advertising campaigns have remained unforgettable for decades and changed the course of fashion irrevocably.

On June 20th Marvel are moving with the times with a wedding that has already stolen headlines. Rumoured for months the X-Man known, as Northstar (AKA Jean-Paul Beaubier) will be marrying his boyfriend in what is the publishers most high profile endorsement of LGBT rights.

What could be better in this heat (22 degrees in Leeds at the time of writing) than a cold glass of white? Or a crate of the stuff to be more precise.

Film photography is the next in a very long line of things to become novel due to its advanced years: what was once very old has paradoxically become very new

An exciting software upgrade?! Yes, really. Even if its only use it to get better at Draw Something.