New Navajo Youth EP – Heavy Heart | TQS Magazine

Navajo Youth is a solo pop artist from Nottingham, England, now resident in Leeds, who began writing music as Navajo Youth in 2009. His sound has been described as “panoramic pop” and draws inspiration from modern electronic music and classic 80s pop such as Kate Bush and Duran Duran.

With a Hurts meets Patrick Wolf  meets MGMT sound, his songs are entirely self-produced; writing, singing, playing, recording and mixing all the elements of his recordings.

The four tracks of Navajo Youth’s second EP, Heavy Heart, were written and recorded entirely in his bedroom in Leeds. The four tracks on the upcoming EP are:

1. Heavy Heart 2. Lights Don’t Shine 3. Heartbreaker

4. The Tallest Tree

We can’t stress how much we enjoyed listening to this EP (currently on the sixth play through) and whilst we’re fans of the lead single, Heavy Heart (click here to listen on Soundcloud) track 3, Heartbreaker is our favourite managing to pay strong homage to the 80s whilst still sounding fun and fresh.

You can keep up with Navajo Youth on their Facebook Page.

Heavy Heart will be released in March 2012 and be available for a limited time as a free download via It will also go on sale through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other outlets.