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9 brilliantly animated neon sign movie posters by ‘Doodling Daddio’ Mr Whaite. The animation ranges from obvious to subtle but always brilliant.

How many of these 100 movie characters drawn on Microsoft paint can you identify?

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is one of our most anticipated films of the year so when we (s)tumbled across this stunning design by designer Dean Walton, we were transfixed.

Following the huge success of last week’s alternative Disney movie posters, we’re back with another collection of reimagined posters, but this time there isn’t a fairy tale in sight.

You may remember a couple of weeks ago friend of TQS and freelance graphic designer Rowan Stocks Moore (Twitter: @rowansm) designed 10 alternative book cover/movie posters for us. Well since then, and a few thousand hits later, he’s been busy…