Men's Fashion Finds #31: Antoine + Stanley | TQS Magazine

When you think of Australia, you probably think of expansive, terracotta deserts, ripped surfers and, if you’re us, Kath and Kim fuddling over a gaudy pair of parrot earrings down at Fountain Lakes. That show probably did terrible things for the UK’s perception of Aussie fashion, but Paul Waddy, founder and designer of Antoine + Stanley aims to change all that. A footwear Dannii-Minogue-circa-2009 if you will.

Founded in 2005, Waddy’s Antoine + Stanley has proved a hit in his home country, and has begun to make waves over here too – with lines of his colourful and professionally put together shoes proving popular on ASOS. His designs are take your everyday desert boot, loafer or oxford and add a twist of fashion flair – whether that’s a simple nautical stripe, or covering the whole shoe in a quasi-neon green. As we’ve mentioned before, shoes are becoming the ubiquitous obsession of guys here in the UK, so it’s no wonder these eye catching numbers are shifting.

Their AW13 collection is available from August on ASOS, and we’re able to show you a sneak peek of what you can expect below. Prices range from £95 – £120. We’ll be in the queue for the bowler-esque brogues, if only so we can recreate that Stooshe video.

You can find Antoine + Stanley on Facebook and Twitter.

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