Men's Fashion Finds #3 – Olivia Streatfeild-James | TQS Magazine

There’s something special about the British spring time. Whether it’s the smell of freshly cut grass, the fine rain on a warm day, or taking a long walk through a Yorkshire wood. It’s that time of year that collectively we finally shake of the winter stupor and begin to look forward to the summer. The best thing being, of course, we remember what being warm feels like again!

The second best thing about the British spring time, is the men’s fashion. Layers lessen, it’s less life-threatening to your ankles to go out sans socks, and earth tones transform into subtle brights and intricate prints. And it’s the perfect time to start looking for key items to take you through to summer – the perfect time to refresh your t-shirt line up.

At TQS, we’re big fans of independent artists, illustrators and designers – just look at our work with Rowan, or our debut Fashion Finds feature. Imagine our glee, then, when we came across hidden gem Olivia Streatfield-James, over on The Tuesday Girl.

Streatfield-James’ intricate illustrations of British wildlife capture the essence of the UK’s countryside. Designs featuring rabbits, owls and ponies are detailed in simple black and white, that capture the depth of each animal. The designs are printed onto t-shirts, bags, cushions and other homeware items. We were particularly taken with Streatfield-James’ latest wolf design. The creature stalks around the side of the tee, which comes in a simple white or dusky grey, making an understated, beautifully soft impact.

Team with a grey tweed blazer, skinny blue jeans and brown boots, step into the best of British springtime and make the most of this fortnight’s men’s fashion find. Be quick though – these pieces are of limited run, and you won’t find anything nearly as interesting on the high street this season.

Buy Olivia Streatfeild-James here, or find her on Twitter.