Men's Fashion Finds #25: The Label Line | TQS Magazine

*blows whistle* *dons party hat* Hurrah! Twenty five glorious fashion finds. That’s a landmark right? We can celebrate 25? That’s like, some serious commitment. Doing quite well, aren’t we? Let’s remind ourselves of why we started this little feature – which began fortnightly and now sits (almost) weekly here on TQS. We wanted to offer you an alternative to the high street, and we reckon over the past 25-ish weeks we’ve done that, with more tees, shirts, shoes, coats and accessories than you can shake a fashion stick at.

So, to celebrate this, we thought we’d introduce you to a company that’s trying to do something quite similar to our Fashion Finds: The Label Line. Created incredibly recently, and a little under 6 months old, TLL is the place to get your hands on apparel created by emerging and up and coming designers from right here in the UK. We always like the idea of a showcase of handpicked designers – it adds a great ‘bespoke’ feel to a shopping destination – whether that’s online or IRL. The Label Line’s choices clearly reflect their personality as each designer – particularly within the menswear, sit side by side very easily, and incredibly stylishly.

Our picks? Mark Thomas Taylor’s simple, clean cut shirts are a favourite – perfect for easy layering in these transitional months. And you know we love a good graphic tee here at TQS, so Richard Borges’ distressed prints also get our votes. But what gets yours?

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