Men's Fashion Finds #20: John White | TQS Magazine

After 100 years in shoemaking, it’s probably been a while since John White has been described as a ‘fashion find’, so consider this week’s offering less of a fashion find, and perhaps more of a fashion rediscovery, because that’s just what they’re trying to do with their SS13 collection.

The John White story is an interesting one. They’re one of the oldest suppliers of British footwear – they were the biggest supplier of boots in WWII, which is just about a big a claim you can make on footwear when it comes to quality and durability. If your boots are made by the people who made the boots that survived the trenches, you know you’re on to a winner. This isn’t your run of the mill footwear, and this isn’t your usual high street fare – it’s a range of shoes, boots and brogues that are designed to last – a phrase we want to reclaim from its stigma as a mother’s mantra, to one that any well turned out man should look for in his fashion choices.

Our favourites? The Langham Suede brogue (above), which we want in every colour. These are perfect for when (if) the weather picks up – teaming with a tailored short and you’re all set for the warmer months, or alternatively use the green and blue shades to mix up your usual office attire. We’re also massive fans of the chukka boots – again in every colour please. Ta. Particularly the berry – which’ll take you from the office to your Friday night without even having to stop off at home. Footwear that allows for more drinking time AND was probably worn by your great (great?) granddad will always pretty cool in our books. Great stuff.

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