Men's Fashion Finds #1: Mike Hazard | TQS Magazine

We have a certain love / hate relationship going on with men’s fashion at the moment – it’s coming on leaps and bounds, that’s for sure. One only has to look at the collections and catwalks over the previous months to see some of the best menswear in ages, and what with the announcement of a new menswear showcase in London at the beginning of June, things are looking up, right?

Well, there’s two sides to every coin, and with these brave new ventures into fashion, they are joined by the onslaught of the high street clones – rails and rails of plum or caramel chinos line the walls of every men’s floor in every men’s town up and down the country. Add in a Rihanna t-shirt and a swallow print and you looking like every other bloke in the club – not a good look, right?

Well, if you’re anything like us, you’ll be stuck between a Topman and an overdraft limit. We can’t afford the top designers either, so in an effort to help you find something that little bit different, we present: Fashion Finds. This is where we hunt out the best hidden sartorial gems – this is where we do the hard work for you. Expect a diverse range of menswear over the coming months, as we take you on a journey to find the best off the high street.

First up: Mike Hazard. (We hope that’s his real name). As purveyors of all things pop culture here on TQS, we can’t get enough of Mike’s bright, in your face designs, our favourite being a blindfolded, ‘reductive’ Lady Gaga.

We also like the bald Britney t-shirt, which for some reason reminds us of American History X. Then there’s the ultra cool, ultra hip, wolf, deer and dinosaur t-shirts, which if they were anywhere near mainstream we’re sure we’d hate.

It’s not just cool t-shirts Mike produces either – we’ve got our eye on his prints too, especially this Lana Del Rey beauty. Finally, we love the fact that he’s got blue hair – we appreciate all that ‘living your art’ biznizz, so kudos to you Mike.


You can shop Mike Hazard here, or find him on Twitter here.

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Words by Martin Carter