Love football (and play pinball) with Heineken | TQS Magazine

If you’re anything like us you’ll have wasted a significant amount of your teenage yours playing arcade games. The zenith of the time wasting collection of flashing lights and synthy sounds being PINBALL, of course. 

Well, as some of the best football teams in the world battle it out in the Quarter-Finals of the UEFA Champions League, Heineken® has unveiled the latest element of its ‘Road to the Final’ campaign with the launch of a new ad campaign (and Facebook pinball game) called “The Final”.

The advert features one lucky fan, who receives a ticket to the UEFA Champions League Final (oh how we’re jealous).  The only problem is that he is on the other side of the world and faces a race against the clock to get to the match.

Through a combination of resourcefulness (bribing transport officials with beer), imagination (scoring a goal with a car sunroof) and inventiveness (befriending the eccentric owner of a chinook helicopter) he manages to overcome every obstacle put in his way to get to his pitch side seat (and beautiful lady friend) at Wembley, all in time for kick-off.

We may not have blagged the ultimate Football experience but we did score 12,582 points on the pinball game. So you know, we’re kind of even.

Visit Heineken’s Facebook page to watch the ad yourself and try to beat our pinball score whilst you’re there.

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